Day & Night Roller blinds

MaxI Day & Night – A roller type system "day and night" , which can be used manual by chain or electric by electric motor. The none transparent stripes which is combined with the transparent stripes creates and extraordinary light effect.

Characteristics of the used fabrics:

- textil fabric made from polyester 100%, stripes model with none transparent and transparent stripes , from the available color range
- brown/white aluminium cassete
- brown/white plastic components
- brown/white bottom aluminium bar
- manual usage with brown/white chain
- electric usage with motor on electric switcher or radio command.

The manual system uses the chain for rolling up/down. This system allows you to stop at any intermediate level you want. It is the most used solution because it is very common and easy to use by any member of the family.

The electric system allows rolling the fabric up/down by only pressing a botton. The electric system uses and electric motor placed in the roller main tube. The systems comes with a range limiter which allows the roller to work in normal limits.

The roller can be equipped with a radio command systems which allows using the roller from distance.


Very easy.
- monthly we suggest cleaning the dust from the fabric with a electrostatic brush.
- every time is needed, after cleaning the dust , we proceed to cleaning the fabric by washing easily in water at a temperature of water not over 40 degrees.

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